The proposal


Key attributes of the proposal include :

  1. Large Supermarket

  2. Petrol Station

  3. Care Home

  4. Hotel

  5. More than 600 new Homes

The following is the plan for the development submitted by Geddes Consulting on behalf of Wallace Land to the consultation by Sesplan on its regional plan for South East Scotland, together with extracts from the text of its submission :

Description of Proposal

“The proposal has a number of key components, which provide benefits to Linlithgow as a whole, and residents closer to the development.

Adjacent to the Sun Microsystems, and situated just off Blackness Road the proposal creates a new Neighbourhood Centre, providing local, and easily accessible facilities for the town. This will help to balance the spread of retail facilities across Linlithgow, along the core route of the A803. This new Neighbourhood Centre will enhance the vitality and sustainability of Linlithgow. A new community park would be created with amenities as part of this Neighbourhood Centre. The existing allocation for a business park would also be serviced as a consequence of this development.

This development would incorporate the proposed Park & Ride scheme, currently allocated in the Local Plan. The bus Park & Ride is located next to the Neighbourhood Centre to provide ease of access to its facilities, especially cafe and toilets. The access arrangements proposed avoid conflict with Springfield Road and a bus only entrance is proposed at this junction. The main access dedicated to the development including the business park is 100m from Springfield Road.

Contributions from the development would provide funding for additional access slips to and from the motorway to the west. This will provide significant relief to traffic movement through the town.

Blackness Road (A803) would continue to be enhanced along its a route into Linlithgow as a green corridor. This continues to create an appropriate sense of arrival, celebrating the visual links to the historic core of the town. The new community park will be another highlight on this Road.

The remaining areas of the proposed expansion area provide serviced land to accommodate over 600 new homes, a care home and hotel. 150 affordable homes would be included. The housing will be developed as a local neighbourhood with a strong landscape and pedestrian framework, providing green corridors for people and wildlife throughout the development. The housing layout will be designed, with pedestrians taking priority over traffic wherever possible.

A socially inclusive community will be created with the full range of tenure mix, including 25% affordable housing and ranging to executive homes. A Residential Care Home would have a prominent position on the main access, and forms an integral part of the new community.

Being on the edge of the motorway, the allocated Business Park will increase Linlithgow’s visual presence from the M9, which is currently very limited, and establishes Linlithgow as a visible economic centre. This proposed economic allocation would be anchored by the nearby Hotel with conference facilities and restaurant.

The proposal can be developed as two substantive phases on either side of Blackness Road with the initial phase to the north of this road.

Recommendations to SESplan

1. Linlithgow should be recognised as an addition to the Council’s Core Development Areas (CDA) and its status as an ‘area of restraint’ deleted.

2. Further development at Linlithgow should be incorporated into the preferred development strategy for the West Lothian Corridor.

Land for up to 600 homes could be accommodated in Linlithgow at Burghmuir as a minimum.

3. SESplan should introduce policy promoting an infrastructure levy to address deficiencies in infrastructure provision across the region. This would raise funds through developer contributions to meet the cost of upgrades to services such as education. It is envisaged that the Local Development Plans will assess the actual levy to meet local circumstances.”