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Welcome to Linlithgow Against Supermarket Development, the website of the campaign group which is opposing plans to build a large out of town supermarket to the east of the Burgh. These proposals have been put forward for an area of more than 100 acres of farmland at Burghmuir on Blackness Road between Oracle-Sun Micro Systems and the M9. The Linlithgow Against Supermarket Development campaign considers that these proposals would be contrary to the best interests of the Burgh. They would destroy what is widely accepted to be one of the most attractive entrance corridors to any town in Scotland and they would be extremely damaging to the viability of the town centre. A planning application for the proposals was submitted in February 2012 but withdrawn in April 2013.  However, the proposals have also been included in an 'expression of interest' request  for consideration in the preparation of the next West Lothian Local Development Plan.


  1. Bullet February 2012: Wallace Land submits formal planning application for development of Burghmuir, including a supermarket and 600 new houses.

  2. Bullet March 2012: West Lothian Council receives 1,175  individual written statements of objection to the application. There are 60 comments submitted in support.

  3. Bullet October 2012: West Lothian Council commissions an independent analysis of the retail impact of the proposals. It also undertakes further analysis of key issues, including environmental health, air quality and education.

  4. Bullet February 2013: A report for West Lothian Council by independent consultants confirms that Burghmuir would be a serious threat to the town centres of Linlithgow and also Bo'ness. Wallace Land informs the Council that, if the proposed extension of the Tesco supermarket at the Regent Centre is approved, then it may drop its proposed supermarket at Burghmuir.

  5. Bullet April 2013 : The development management manager of the council recommends that the application should be turned down. Wallace Land informs the Council that it is withdrawing the application.

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